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Here we are pleased to post your comments and ideas about this new website. We hope that you appreciate the information and functionality of the site and look forward to receiving your suggestions for improving it. To post a comment here write the webmaster. To see a list of the folks who contributed to the site click here.



The new site is looking beautiful and peaceful! Bravo! Very nice, indeed. The Write-ups section looks great. I really like that you have included search by first line! That is very helpful...something I had been thinking about within the last week, myself. - Shivadam, USA

The new website is wonderful!  Very beautiful and so many resources! - Rahmana Elizabeth, USA

Alhummdulillah!! WOW!!  I don't know when I will be able to take advantage of this wonderful resource- but I look forward to it.  Shakur!  Judith   USA

Fantastic! Thank you for this wonderful work!!!!!  Helga, Canada

Thanks for the newsletter,thanks for all the work that was done to have such a wonderful work. I appreciate all who worked hard and in LOVE for this project. Toward the One, LOVE, Ya Shakur!       Ingrid Anahita  mit freundlichen Grüßen  Germany

Thank you !  Towards the One!  Tilly Kuiper The Netherlands

AWEsome new website !  Hamid  USA

All looking good - well done the team who've put it together.  Trevor, United Kingdom

Freaking cool :-) Samira, USA

Thanks the new web site its amazing, thanks to all that work, just yesterday we was celebrating murshid SAM birthday, sure he would love it, wounderful¡¡¡¡¡¡  Juan Marcos, CHILE

The site is wonderful, having just updated our www.taradhatu.org I am certainly aware of the immense amount of time and careful thinking this has taken you all. I am so grateful. May we all continue to Dance Towards The One
with love, Prema  USA

Super website & resource, thank you  glen, Germany

I am left speechless! What a magnificent, dinamic new website....... I could go in, change my password and change my info very easily.... Much love and gratitude to the whole team, Sophia Sylvia, COLOMBIA

AWEsome new website!  Smiling your direction,  Hamid Francis,  USA

Hi Munir and WOW what a great site! Ya fattah for this site! Abdul Shaffee, USA

This is really a magnifique site !!!thank you so much !  Josine, FRANCE

Peace and love..........looks like a great website! Grace Marie, USA

I'm excited about the new site for dance leaders. Thank you. Sabura, USA

WOW...what a lovely, lovely web site you all have created.... My deep appreciation goes to all the beings who helped bring this revision of the Dance web site into manifestation. I feel that the simplicity of the artwork and the colors ...chosen have rendered an elegant and welcoming site.... .Alhamdulillah!  Malika, USA

This website is beautiful and clearly provides a great advance in the global service to the Dances! Phil Murad, USA

This is truly awesome! Thank you so much for all the hard work that made it happen. It will be a treasured resource for many people for many years to come! Ya Fattah, Devi Sara, USA

Useful, inspiring, uniting, informative, colorful, purposeful, thoughtful work. Thank you all. Love, Jane, USA

...This is a ... wonderful resource!!!!, I have been looking at the write ups and mp3 s ......a real help for our leaders and trainees here in New Zealand. Love, Great gratitude  Roy, NEW ZEALAND

Thanks for your hard work, it is much appreciated by our world wide family as well as me. love and blessings  Sandra, WALES

Thank you for this wonderful web site. with love, Jilani, UNITED KINGDOM

We (the German network leaders) all are very thankful for that wonderful presentation of the Dances! It is so well done and especially so well thought through. Things become much clearer – it is like a manifestation of a very clear and focused energy concerning the dances... I want to emphasize again the feeling of clarity and lightness and easiness and coming to the essential, that all of us could feel with the new ways that were chosen and brought into manifestation. - Alima, GERMANY

Thank you for the wonderful dynamic website - very easy to navigate and full of exciting resources. In New Zealand we often forget to look wider than our own pool. The website reminds me how rich our culture is. Thank you!  Hadia  NEW ZEALAND

This site looks great! - Maris, SCOTLAND

THANK you SO much; the site is awsome !!! btw; the recordings are a great addition !!! Wahhab, USA

What a priceless gift you and the many others involved in this project have presented to us, the new website is nothing short of magnificent, a wonderful resource for both leaders and the curious alike. Heartfelt thanks to you all for bringing this into manifestation. Catherine and Nasir, NEW ZEALAND

Infinite gratitude to all those involved in the ongoing re-creation of our website which certainly displays love, harmony and beauty as well as being a fantastic easy-to-use resource for us all. I can't help imagining SAM smiling down on you all with both thumbs up in approval! Glenda Kafia (UK)

Thank You!


Fatima Lassar - Art Design, Petaluma, CA USA

Bruce Heeter - Technical Design, DKH, Chicago, Illinois USA

Munir Peter Reynolds - Content Manager/Webmaster

Halima Sussman, DUP International Board of Directors

Darvesha MacDonald, Johara Judith Reynolds, Saphira Patsy Boyer,

Shahar Solander, and Steve Gray - Artistic and functionality concepts

Anahata Iradah - Video segments

Maitreya Jon Stevens - Resource library scanning and .mp3 preparation

Malika Merrill Endres and Azimat Lane Schulz - Copy editing

Sky Majida Roshay, Warren Lynn, Laerte Willmann - Photographs

Johara Judith Reynolds - Photo editing

Sophia Sylvia Murillo - Spanish translations

Shakura Cathryn Tezha Swann - Photo Montage

Leaders Guild Guidance Council - Malika Merrill Endres,

Philip Tansen O'Donohoe, Halima Sussman and Darvesha Victoria MacDonald (Chair)

for revisioning of the MTG Certfication Guidelines

Oneness Project for their generous financial support of international website development