Dances of Universal Peace - Small Grants Program
Grant Application

Grants will be awarded to projects that meet the following criteria:
     • Promote the transmission of the Dances of Universal Peace
     • Support trainings, events, camps, retreats and other activities that increase participation in the Dances of Universal Peace
     • Pertain to the costs of an event/project, not the expenses of an individual

Priority will be given to grant applications for projects that
     • are keeping the Dances alive online during the pandemic (for example through the use of Zoom)
     • are in countries/regions where the pandemic has abated and in-person gatherings are legally allowed.
     • contribute to DUP projects that aim to be self-sustaining beyond an initial event or meeting
     • support next generation dance leaders 

(in approximately ten words or less)
In approximately two or three paragraphs, please describe your Dances of Universal Peace activity and how you will use grant funds awarded. Include date and location of events and/or goals you hope to achieve. Provide any details that may give us a more complete vision of your project. Please include a project budget including how much participants will pay, and how much teachers will be paid.
(Up to $500 USD)
Preferred way to receive funds:
(if applicable)
Please check to agree: I agree to acknowledge Dances of Universal Peace International's support in publicity for my event. (This will help others learn about DUPIN and our small grants program.) I have not applied for funding from the Beyond Initiative for this project. (We aim to avoid double-funding activities and events.) I also agree to submit a report of at least two paragraphs with photos and/or video within one month following the event. DUPIN looks forward to hearing about your event and, by applying, you agree to our sharing details of your event on our website.