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September 2011

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September 2011

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Some Dance leaders have asked us, "Do I need to join my DUP region and also pay Leaders Guild fees to DUP International?" The answer is "No!" Simply join your region - your region membership dues includes your $30 annual Leaders Guild fee. Your region forwards your Leaders Guild fee to us! Your support of the region helps to promote and develop the Dances in your area and also funds our international work!

Leaders who do not live within an organized region or network simply pay their Leader Guild fees annually by clicking the "Donate" button on this web page.

As of writing, 643 Leaders are current with their Leaders Guild fees out of 1,348 individuals recorded in our data base. Our Community Coordinator Sky Majida is working to contact the Leaders we have lost touch with to confirm that they are still leading the Dances and to encourage renewal.

Meanwhile, beginning in October, DUP International plans a fund drive to meet the balance of our projected budget needs for 2012. You'll be hearing more about this drive in a special October newsletter.

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Elements of Mastery

Dance Transmission

by Halima Sussman

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Elements of Mastery:

Be Ye Songs of Glory

By Halima Sussman

Halima SussmanThis article continues our Elements of Mastery column in which we explore the art, craft and spiritual practice of Dance leading and mentoring. Mentors are invited to submit their reflections on this topic to the Guidance Council.

The Walks and Dances of Universal Peace are an exquisite vehicle for the transformative spiritual awakening to our true nature. In the Dances we overcome isolation and the illusion of our separate individual states, and join together in the experience of our shared humanity. All people have words and expressions for love, compassion, peace, and joy. The Walks and Dances offer us a medium to experience and open to these kind of qualities that are, in reality, always present. We tune ourselves through rhythm, breath, heart awakening, and embodiment to the reality of Love, Harmony, and Beauty.

"The dance is the way of Life; the dance is the sway of Life. What Life gives may be expressed with body, heart, and soul to the glory of God and the elevation of humankind, leading therein to ecstasy and self realization. Verily, this is the sacred dance." (Murshid SAM, Intro to Spiritual Dancing)

A quick look at the world news reveals a major gap between the values of love and happiness that we all want in our lives, and our actual collective human condition.

"When mankind, terrorized by conflict and faced with the ruin of civilization, when the power of wealth has dominated justice and the concept of fiction-money leading to utter destruction: when the Holy Spirit, driven ever further away on its path of ascension has again reached zenith, to the undoing of so much near and dear to us - let us, in spite of what occurs before our eyes invoke that same Divine Spirit through love and beauty, that we may restore order and balance to humanity." (Murshid SAM, Intro to Spiritual Dancing)

In this light, The Walks and Dances of Universal Peace are an active, positive, and powerful agent of change and transformation. As dance leaders, we cultivate and develop the capacity to become conduits for such transformative experience. But the question arises: What are some of the ways we cultivate and develop this capacity?

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