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Meet ME in a Moment
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Meet ME in a Moment
Led by Narayan Waldman from USA at:
Mana Retreat Centre, Coromandel, NZ
Friday Jan 25 – Friday Feb 1, 2019


O servant, where dost thou seek Me?
Lo! I am beside thee.
I am neither in temple nor in mosque:
I am neither in Kaaba nor in Kailash:
Neither am I in rites and ceremonies,
nor in Yoga and renunciation.
If thou art a true seeker, thou shalt at once see Me:
thou shalt meet Me in a moment of time.

Narayan Eric Waldman is a Senior Mentor of the Dances of Universal Peace and a member of the Ruhaniat Society. Narayan’s style ranges from the sublime to the outrageous but is always effective and inspiring.  Narayan has facilitated many events throughout the USA and the world including New Zealand, Australia, Mexico, Guatemala, Israel, Thailand and across Europe and Russia.  His way of encouraging people to come into their own transmission of truth has helped a vast variety of styles to flourish. Having been a devotee of sacred song and dance since the 1960’s and a leader of the Dances of Universal Peace for decades he considers himself a true disciple of the Dance. Engaging, humorous and charismatic, Narayan carries the joy of breathing, singing and dancing in praise of the Present. Narayan has always woven other experiential practices into Dance sessions and continues to do so.

ALL PRICES BELOW ARE IN NEW ZEALAND $s!! Exchange rate 1 NZ$ = 0.675 US$ (Aug 8, 2018)

Cost: including shared accommodation with bedding, and all vegetarian meals:Before Dec 14: DUPANZ members: $900, camping $760; non-members: $960, camping $820After Dec 14: DUPANZ members: $950, camping $810; non-members: $1010, camping $870Early-bird deposit of $100 or full payment by December 15 2018.All fees must be paid in full by Jan 18 2019 before we gather to eat, dance and pray together.To Register: Contact Mana Retreat Centre,   Further information please contact Clarity Henderson,

Jan 25 - Feb 1 2019

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