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 Caring for the World

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Caring for the World -
Integrating the Dual and the Non-Dual Path of Awakening
with Pir Shabda Kahn.
Special Guest Pir Netanel Miles-Yepez.

We live in the paradox of being the whole Uni-verse
and feeling limited in our sense of an impermanent separate self. Transforming our limiting notion of being a separate self into the direct experience of the
All in All is the heart of the spiritual path.
Unfolding the spiritual path manifests in
strength, courage, kindness, compassion,
gratitude and being in tune with the Infinite.

Workshop includes Dances of Universal Peace, teachings, meditation, practice with breath and
sacred sound, live music.

Pir Shabda Kahn, a direct disciple of the American Sufi Master, Murshid Samuel Lewis, has been practicing Sufism since 1969. He is the Pir (Spiritual Director) of the Sufi Ruhaniat International, the Sufi lineage tracing from Hazrat Inayat Khan and Murshid Samuel Lewis. In 1972 Shabda met his second great teacher, the late Master Singer, Pandit Pran Nath, and began the daily practice of North Indian classical music in the Kirana style. He is also a disciple of the illustrious Tibetan Buddhist Master, the 12th Tai Situpa Rinpoche. Pir Shabda travels throughout the world, spreading the Sufi Message of Love, Harmony and Beauty. He brings warmth, humor and clarity in his efforts to help seekers on their Path to Awakening.

Pir Netanel Miles-Yepez, a student of the late Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, together founded the Sufi-Hasidic, Inayati-Maimuni Order, fusing the Sufi and Hasidic principles of spirituality and practice espoused by Rabbi Avraham Maimuni in 13th-century Egypt with the teachings of the Ba’al Shem Tov and Hazrat Inayat Khan. He is now the Pir of the Inayati-Maimuni Order of Sufism, and a professor in the Department of Religious Studies at Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado.

March 15-17, 2019
Friday Eve thru Sunday
Fri and Sat Evenings 7:15 pm, Sat and Sun 9:30-4:30
Naropa at Nalanda Campus
6287 Arapahoe Ave, Boulder, CO 80301

Early Registration:
$133 for weekend (Includes Evenings)
$65 per day (Evenings Separate)
After March 1 - Weekend $150 / $75 per day
Fri Dance / Sat Eve Zikr 7:15 pm
Evenings - Drop in - No need to register
$20 Suggested Donation
No previous experience is necessary to attend.
Mail check payable to:
Wendy Welsh
1330 6th Street, Boulder, Colorado, 80302
PayPal Payments:
Waduda Welsh - 303-718-9712 - Call or Text

March 15-17, 2019

Waduda Welsh


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