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 Sacred Music, Sacred Dance

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Sacred Music, Sacred Dance

British Columbian Retreat in the Awe-Inspiring Kootenais of Canada
Phil Murad Notermann, Majida Myriah Pazereckas, Hayra Fatah, & Florence Aliya Guest

Dance in the dome for 4 days. Hike and relax amidst the whirring hummingbirds. Camp out or upgrade to the lodge, a cabin, tipi, or treehouse. Meet new Beloveds and old Friends over delicious organic vegetarian meals on the deck or in the comfort of the lodge.

After lunch is free time so if you wish to offer an activity please let us know.

Phil Murad Notermann (top left) has been leading Dances since the early 1990s. He served as president of the board of Oneness Project from 2006 to 2010, among other activities supporting the Dance Network. Together with his wife (Helen Gabel) of 47 years, Murad lives in a sustainably focused intentional community north of Seattle, WA. He has practiced and taught within the Buddhist path for decades.

Hayra Fatah (bottom right) is a Nature Mystic and student of Sufism. A Dance leader for nearly 30 years, she also serves with guitar and woodwinds, but most importantly... invites us to fully embody the sacred through movement. This, wedded to sacred phrases, opens us to our divine heritage on Earth. She is mother of twins, Master Native Plant Steward, poet, listener, dancer, and gardener.

Murad and Hayra are authorized Dance Mentors and longtime collaborators in Dance Leadership Trainings, Retreat Leadership, musical manifestation, and building authenticity. They will each be sharing original Dances that they have brought through.

Majida Myriah Pazereckas Roy (top right) is a certified Dances of Universal Peace leader, who has led the Dances in several countries. She is co-leading the Dances in her community of Colville, Washington for 15 years and feels it is a privilege and honour to share these beautiful and sacred dances with the world. She looks forward to extending her love of dance, music, and joy in yet another beautiful Canadian venue!

Florence Aliya Guest (bottom left) has been playing guitar and leading dances for her home dance circle in Bozeman Montana since 1994. She has had the pleasure of leading dances at Montana Family Camp, Wilderness Camp, Inland Northwest Sufi Camp and Northwest Sufi Camp. She has been lead musician at Inland Camp and will be the co-spiritual director of that camp in May of this year. She looks forward to contributing her talents to the Johnsons Landing Dance camp.

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June 26 - June 30, 2019

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