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 The Healing Breath through the Beatitudes

Event Description

An invitation to explore a journey of healing, connecting through our breath with the whole of our body, all aspects of our being.  We will be guided by the words of Yeshua, Jesus in Matthew 5, which describes a way of experiencing our journey towards wholeness. We will use the language Jesus spoke, Aramaic, revealing a way of returning to our natural being in healthy relationship to ourselves, each other and the natural world

We would like to invite you to join us as we take the opportunity to explore ourselves and the Beatitudes, the Blessed are sayings, that use words attributed to Jesus in the language that he spoke.

We will use body prayers and body awareness practices, walking meditations, breath and sound practices,chanting, Dances of Universal Peace, moving meditation. 

Together, as Jesus guided us, we will experience “when two or more are gathered in my Name, I Am there among them”. Using words in Aramaic, the sounds of power, that Jesus gave to us as a guide to healing, as well as the renewal available through the Aramaic Prayer and other sayings.


Let's open to new ways that can help us transform ourselves and our lives on this precious Earth.  Let's do this together now, without delay so that we can remain in the flow of Blessing as we face the challenges of our time.

All are welcome.

 What to bring:

  • You might like to bring a shawl or blanket for the sitting practice, possibly a meditation stool or cushion
  • A journal to use, writing and drawing to deepen your experience

Staying at LaChopinière 85110 SAINTE CECILE, near Nantes, Bretagne, Brittany

We are delighted to be able to gather together in such a place of beauty.  The land and all of nature will be a great resource and support to us as we come into our own natural rhythm, in tune with the rhythms of the Earth and the Cosmos. You are welcome to arrive from 4pm onwards on Thurs 30th April, supper will be at 6.30pm, with our evening session at 8.00pm.  We will finish at 4pm on Monday 3rd May.

Car sharing to be arranged from Nantes, Rennes and Angers.

Accommodation: 2 bedrooms and 8-bed dormitory. Bring your sheets and sleeping bags. Camping on site. Gites nearby. 

We will all contribute together to prepare organic food for our mutual nourishment, cooking in small teams of 2-3.


Retreat : 130€  Deposit: check for 50 euros payable to the Artezinnia association

Accommodation: 10€ / night

Registration with Michelle Doucet, avenue Violain 44000 Nantes

Limited spaces, booking is essential. 


Please contact

Michelle :

Tel06 84 40 08 54

Nathalie :

Tel 06 45 73 89 18


Other practical details (itineraries, carpooling, organisation of meals, etc.) will be sent to you a few days before the retreat

Shamsia & Halim continue to work with the wealth of the Abwoon Interspiritual practices, walks, Dances and meditations as their own personal practice as well as sharing them with groups on day or weekend retreats, camps or for week long retreats.

Shamsia is a certified leader of Dances of Universal Peace of over 20 years experience and a mentor in training.  Halim is a musician for the Dances of many years standing. Their local Dance circle in West Wales meets 2 times a month and is most fortunate to host wonderful gatherings with other teachers and Dance leaders. They have both been actively involved with Sacred Arts Camp, Dancing Heart Camp in Latvija as well as having Danced in Krakow and Montferrier with the Aramaic Prayer. Shamsia currently serves on the Guidance Panel for Dances of Universal Peace UK.


Dr.Neil Douglas-Klotz is an internationally known scholar in the fields connecting religious studies and psychology as well as a poet and musician, he is the author of many books. Neil is best known for his work on the Aramaic Prayer of Jesus (“The Lord’s Prayer”), shared both in his books as well through the body prayers with music that have spread around the world in the past 32 years (a form called the Dances of Universal Peace).  He is the author of Prayers of the Cosmos ~ Meditations on the Aramaic Words of Jesus, the Hidden Gospel ~ Decoding the Spiritual Message of the Aramaic Jesus,as well as other books.  There is also an audio resource The Original Prayer by Sounds True.   Information about his work may be found at the website of the Abwoon Resource Center (

Thursday evening, 30th April - Sunday 3rd May 2020

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