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What it is?

Garden of Hearts is a gathering inspired by the Sema (Sufi whirling ceremony), Dances of Universal Peace, the depth of mystical poetry, meditation and the richness of values ​​in spiritual communities by sharing music, food, discourses and sacred practices.

This gathering is open to all those hearts that look for sparks of Sufi teachings, feel the call to be in communities that put effort to keep spiritual traditions alive.

Who will guide the gathering?


Joy Azima is a trained music therapist, musician and singer and works in her daily life as a Cranio-sacral therapist. She has been dancing the dances for many years, and is passionate about sharing the joy and life energy that they bring to her. She is a trained dance leader of the dances for universal peace, and a mentor of the dances. Joy is deeply dedicated to the message of unity beyond religions, inspired by Hazrat Inayat Khan. She also works as a retreat guide in the Sufi order.


With a great vocation for music within the heart and clarinetist since childhood, he has been inspired in the last 8 years in several Sufi communities to deepen the language of the heart and at the same time as a bridge or connection between different groups in South America, Europe and the Middle East. He is currently facilitating Universal Peace Dances and is a mentor in training of this practice. It has also been very important on his way to meet the teacher Dr. Oruç Güvenç and the sema meetings organized by TUMATA every summer in Turkey. He has organized and guided gatherings in Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Iran, Turkey, France and Spain, opening a space to awaken the heart.


Born in Tehran, Iran. In Istanbul, she was influenced by Alavi mysticism she learnt different aspects of their rituals as a Sufi sect such as ritualistic dances, music. She continued joining Sufi gatherings in Turkey and learning the music of Turkish Tasavvuf for several years. Returning to her motherland on 2017 she persued to fine her soul into the Sufi poets in Iran and learning Persian music (Dastgah) playing Setar and Avaz (vocal tradition of Persian Music). Inspired by the poets, she established a new foundation (Yao Plants Music), exploring the subtle connection of ancient healing traditions of using plant spirit and music therapy. As co-founder of Tuning of Hearts also she has been holding various meditative concerts, whirling workshops, Sufi pilgrimages, healing retreats in various places all around the world.

When it is happening?

The gathering starts on 21st of February evening. We will have dinner together at 8:00 pm and the first circle starts after at 9:00 pm. The gathering ends on Sunday, February 23rd after having lunch, around 4:00 pm.

You can also stay for dinner and sleep on the night of Sunday 23rd of February and you may extend your stay until lunch on Monday 24th of February.

Where it is?

In SIRIO Association, Caudiel (Castellón). To have more information about the place you can visit : htps:// Here you can find descriptions about the place, photos and information on how to get there.

How to participate?

To weave a gathering in balance and harmony among all the participants, we prepared some points that are beneficial to know in advance:

We are going to do practices that open spaces to deepen into the ocean of spirituality, so it is important to keep the space outside and inside of each one of us as prepared as possible to receive the blessings of them. In this way, we ask all the participants:

• Avoid toxic substances, alcohol and derivatives or narcotics.

• Keep silence in the place of practice.

• Dress in a way that would respect the tradition of these practices: covering the body from the height of the knees to the height of the shoulders.

Before entering and leaving the hall, we salute the place, the people in it and the tradition that brought them all together. How? We bow slightly with our right hands touching our hearts.

• We do not use mobile phones in the practice hall. Also, we do not take pictures or videos in the hall.

Which practices will we do?*

Sufi whirling practice

Sema (Sufi whirling ceremony)

Universal sacred music

Dhikr (Sufi chanting)

Dances of Universal Peace


*we will provide Spanish and English translation of all the activities.

What are the accommodation and the cost?

The cost of the gathering with all the activities, breakfast, lunch and dinner of vegan diet and accommodation is:

  1. If you register before the 31st of January:

from Friday 21st in the afternoon to Sunday 23rd after lunch: € 150

If you want to stay until lunch on Monday 24th of February: € 190

  1. If you register after the 31st of January, both prices increase € 30 more.

Please, bring your own sheets. There are 25 beds distributed in rooms of 2, 5, 8 and 10 beds. You can also use the main hall to sleep in a mattress, remembering to keep the silence and sacred energy of the place. If you have a caravan or van, you can also park it and sleep there.

How to make the reservation?

For booking*, if you come from Spain make a transfer of € 30 in the account of : 

ES05 2103 4300 72 0033254727 (Juan Bayon) indicating Garden of Hearts + the name and surname of the participant. Then, contact by email at or by whatsapp at +34605806529 (Juan) indicating your name, where you come from (to arrange transportation),  phone number and the copy of the deposit receipt.

*For participants who come from abroad, simply send the copy of your flight or transport booking by email or whatsapp.


For more information or inquiries: by email to or by whatsapp at +34605806529 (Juan).

Thank you for joining this gift of living and experiencing together.


Facilitated by Joy Liengaard and Tuning of Hearts (


21 to 23 February 2020

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