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 Dances of Universal Peace with Azima Sally Mabelle, visiting leader from New Zealand

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So excited to host visiting teacher from Aotearoa New Zealand...

Azima Sally Mabelle! She has travelled and led voice and movement workshops in the Pacific on Maui, Kauai, and Fiji, and Aotearoa New Zealand as well as in Philadelphia and Baltimore, and England. And, now we have her here in KNOXVILLE @ the Haven!!!

The purpose of the dances of universal peace is to contribute to world peace by awakening hearts to an experience of joy,depth, and transformation. Be a part of the movement, join us! 

Singing, dancing, music, meditation, and community all intertwine to create a unique, healing atmosphere. The dances of universal peace are multi-cultural, moving meditations,with easy to learn sacred mantras from the world’s wisdom traditions taught by call and response, practiced in a community circle with live musical



About Azima Sally Mabelle: 

She has spent the last 25+ years inspiring people to express their authentic voice and presence. Combining her professional background as an intuitive voice coach, with degrees in communication and education and professional experience in acting, she helps people step up, speak up, and sing out and to commune with the interconnected web of life. 

A fun, healing, and transformative experience in community! 

Reserve your spot today! If you can walk you can dance! 

Thursday, 28th May, 2020

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