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 ONLINE: *Virtual* Peace Dance with Jen Friedman & Grace Marie

Event Description

Let's Sing and Dance together for a soothing calming wave of Love and
Compassion to enfold our communities, nation, and world as we connect with
each other through the ethers...

Sunday, August 16th 4-5:30pm (ish) (gather 3:45) MDT
Longmont, CO *Virtual* Peace Dance
with Jen Friedman & Grace Marie
This month Grace Marie will share a few new dances with us from her recent
DUP trips to Cuba and Guatemala!
Register and Receive Zoom Link:

Thank you to our Zoom hosts: Robin Schnitzler and Angela Clark!

We will connect hearts in our virtual circle together to sing beloved
Dance melodies as well as engage some seated zikr and modified Dances for
sitting and standing. We'll weave in the Healing Breaths and a few short
practices designed to help re-regulate and balance our nervous systems
bringing calm and peace to our bodies, minds, hearts and Spirits.

If you can create a comfortable, quiet sacred space for yourself to be
with us in the circle, please do so, as it will contribute to the
collective energy of Love, Harmony, and Beauty. A quiet space will also
help us with the virtual audio part. Headphones/earbuds will help you hear
the audio more clearly.

Bring a candle if you have one as we will light our candles as we say our
Sufi Invocation together. All are welcome no matter what the space and
please come as you are!

Please plan to join us a little early at 3:45pm to have the time
and space to get into the Zoom meeting and test audio/video settings. Full
Zoom Meeting Instructions Below with internet and phone options

Contact Jen with any questions: OR
720-310-5656 and contact Angela by text message if you are having issues at
the time of the Dance at 970-739-4738

If you would like to offer a LOVE donation in honor of the leaders and
hosts and to help make this a sustainable offering, you are welcome to
PayPal using the 'friends' option to OR
directly at

To learn more about the Dances of Universal Peace tradition, Grace Marie
and Jen:

All are welcome!

Sunday, August 16, 2020

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