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 Joyful Journey DUP Retreat

Event Description

Registration deadline: February 24, 2022

Joyful Journey Hot Springs Spa, San Luis Valley (near Saguache) CO

With Bernie, Sky, great musicians and friends

Note: We are requiring COVID vaccinations, and boosters if eligible, for attendees. Not all the Joyful Journey staff is vaccinated; their temperature is taken each day as they arrive for work, they are asked about recent encounters with other people, they will be wearing masks when indoors and they will avoid contact with us whenever possible. Please make your decision to attend accordingly.

Dances, music jams, hot springs to soak in, breakfast and dinner provided to lodgers (lunch on your own), comfortable rooms or yurts (or camping!) and great community. This is a fun and relaxing retreat in a beautiful space, with a mountain view and lovely hot water.

The retreat will start with dinner and opening Dance Thursday evening, and go until Sunday lunchtime. 

Cost and Registration:

Cost is $75-$125/person, sliding scale, as you can afford, and does not include lodging. Registration ends February 24, two weeks before the start of the event, to insure that everyone has time to follow COVID protocols for two weeks before the retreat (see COVID Protocols, below).

To register, send a deposit (1/2 fee) to Sky either via Paypal ( or a check mailed to Sky Roshay, PO Box 1394, Snowflake AZ 85937. The balance of your fee is due by February 24. Refunds, minus a $25 administrative fee, are available until that date; no refunds after February 24. 


Lodging is extra, and room rates have gone up (rates now include two full meals a day, with gluten free and vegan options at each meal). See room chart and rates here:

. You must reserve your room through Sky and Ana, who will tell Charmaine at Joyful Journey; you then call Charmaine to pay your deposit on the room. DO NOT call Joyful Journey without having your reservation confirmed by Sky or Ana first. (See Note below for contact info.)

If you are sharing a room, the full room cost is your group responsibility to sort out in case of cancellations.

If your room deposit is not paid by February 24, you will lose your reservation. Also, priority will be given to people who are arriving on Thursday; people who wish to arrive on Friday will be put on a waiting list for rooms. 

If you prefer, there are two motels in Saguache, about 15 minutes away. The rates are cheaper, but meals are not included. You can join us for dinner at $6.50/person/dinner, but you must tell us ahead of time so we can give the count to the Joyful Journey staff well ahead of time.  Rates: Big Valley is $99 with tax for a two bed room for 2 people, or $152 for a three bed room for three people.  Saguache Lodge is $65 for 2 and they have some rooms with 4 beds- each person past 2 adds $10/night.

COVID Protocols: 

The retreat is open to those who are vaccinated and have had a booster shot, if eligible. We recommend a COVID test 48-72 hours before arrival, because we will have rapid tests for people to take on arrival before entering the retreat space; a pre-test most likely ensures that you won’t show up, have a positive test result and  be turned away.

For two weeks prior to the start of the retreat, we ask people to avoid crowds, wear masks in public indoor spaces, and socially isolate as much as possible (no parties or large gatherings, massage or hair appointments, etc.) 

The pools are open to the public from about 10:30 am until about 4:30 pm (Sky will check exact times). We ask that you NOT soak in pools with outsiders during these hours. The pools are open at 7 am, and close at 9:50pm, so there is plenty of time outside those midday hours for us to soak.

Note: Sky and Ana are co-registrars for this retreat: and Sky will be in Mexico from mid January to mid February, arriving home ten days or so before the registration deadline. Her access to internet and email will be sporadic during that time, so please be patient about responses to your emails, or contact Ana first.

March 10-13 2022

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