The Dances of Universal Peace Logo


Origin of Our Logo

DUP LogoThe Dances of Universal Peace logo was created by Marc Takaha, a graphic artist and long-time member of the Hawaii Sufi community. In Marc's words, "I originally rendered what Guidance had offered in a form that could for practical reasons be reproduced easily, with some flexibility. From a graphic design perspective, a good logo or "mark", should hold up on its own in black and white. Distilled essence of visual communication is hallmark of effective design. Less is more so to speak. The "Target" mark is an example: simple and instantly recognized. 

"The Dances logo came through while practicing Zikr in the Mentorgarten with Iqbal in the summer of 1983. We were in a standing circle with our ams arms linked and chanting "La Illaha il Allah hu". Well into it, on "hu", I unexpectedly "saw" the design with my third eye. It was designer's dream – to have a solution effortlessly come with absolute clarity. Immediately afterward, I went back to my studio and rendered the design we're discussing today. It is a distilled visual representation of the practice of Zikr: Heart-centered beings linked together as One." - Mark Takaha, 2009


Dances of Universal Peace Logo Policy

(approved December, 2023)

The circle of hearts logo and the word mark "Dances of Universal Peace" are trademarks registered to Dances of Universal Peace International (DUP IN). The trademark registration enables us to object to others who use the image in a manner that creates confusion with DUP IN as the source of its dance program.

The logo may be used by all members of the Leaders Guild of DUP IN and for official business of the organization. The words "Dances of Universal Peace" should appear near the logo whenever it is used. The ® [alt0174] is a registered trademark symbol that must be used in the United States. The logo may be copied from the following representations: [see below]

Please do not alter the logo as presented, for example, making the hearts different colors. The logo was designed to be recognizable whether rendered in color or black and white. Altering the logo in such a way weakens its design and waters down the strong association that the Dances of Universal Peace have had with it since 1983.

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