About the Leaders Guild

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The Leaders Guild is comprised of the collective body of all mentored leaders of the Dances of Universal Peace. Leaders Guild members are responsible for carrying and nurturing the living stream of the Dances of Universal Peace and the spiritual Walks through leadership that reflects ongoing spiritual and personal development. When someone chooses a mentor they automatically become a member of the Leaders Guild, if they abide by the Agreements in the Leaders Guild Guidelines, keep an active relationship with their mentor, and remain current with annual Leaders Guild fees.

Choosing a mentor and affiliating with our organization brings benefits that include:

If you are interested in learning to lead the Dances of Universal Peace, the best place to begin is to attend the Dances that may be held in your area. The Find the Dance area of this web site will take you to resources to help you find the Dances.

To learn more about the stream of transmission and spiritual practice of learning to lead the Dances and Walking Concentrations we suggest you begin by reading the Leaders Guidelines posted on this website. The guidelines can also be downloaded in .pdf format. In the Leader Guidelines you will learn about our family of mentors and mentees, a web of relationships that help to transmit the Dances and Walks in their spiritual depth. If you are to the point of looking for a mentor you may view a list of mentors worldwide and their contact information here.

This web site contains enhanced content for members of the Leaders Guild. Leaders Guild members may log into the site here.