Dances of Universal Peace International

Mission Statement, Goals and Budget


Dances of Universal Peace International was founded in 1982 to make the living legacy of the Dances of Universal Peace and Walking Concentrations available to the world. It is a public-benefit non-profit organization governed by a volunteer Board of Directors, funded largely from Leaders Guild fees, and administered by an Executive Director and other part-time staff.

Our Mission follows, along with brief descriptions of the core operations in each of the three mission areas:

1) To support the work of the Guidance Council,

     • Providing administrative and financial resources to support work of the Guidance Council in carrying

     out its responsibilities for:
        o guiding leaders and mentors by encouraging their spiritual expansion and personal development
        o supporting learning opportunities
        o setting guidelines for certification and for mentor acknowledgements
        o recognizing mentors, and
        o upholding standards of conduct and human relationship that are in keeping with the mission of

        the Dances of Universal Peace.

2) To provide resources and support for members of the Leaders Guild;

     • Maintaining and continuing to enhance a highly functional website in multiple languages containing

     key resources to support Dance leaders and mentors who are Leaders Guild members.
     • Administering the Leaders Guild and extending services to the community of mentors and leaders in

     support of the Dance leader’s journey.
     • Linking and informing Leaders Guild members through semi-annual e-newsletter communications,

     and sponsoring an e-group as a forum for discussion about matters related to Dance leading.

3) To link the worldwide community of participants in the Dances.

     • Maintaining a multi-lingual website providing general information about the Dances of Universal

     Peace and links to all regional Dance-related websites and resources world wide.
     • Maintaining communication with the leadership of Dance Regions through telephone conferences,

      email, and regular e-newsletters.

Key accomplishments in 2016 included:

  • Continued implementation of multi-year organization development plan developed in 2014.
  • Completed orientation with support for the new Executive Director
  • Implemented the Leaders Guild Fee increase to $36; this included special billing to those with recurring fee payments to have them cancel existing payment of $30 and create a new payment of $36
  • Set up and began a Portuguese language version of the website The website is now online in English, Spanish, German, Russian, Dutch and Portuguese.
  • Added 24 Dance write-ups to the English Dance Library, and 13 to the German library.
  • Provided fee support to 78 leaders who had financial hardship in paying their Leaders Guild fees.
  • Prepared letters of contact to all Russian dance leaders and mentors of Russian leaders, reworded the Russian welcome letter and added one from the Guidance Council and updated fee support information available in Russian, with the aim of improving dialogue with this part of our family
  • Produced, translated and distributed the revised Leader Guidelines in each language (including in Portuguese for the first time), and two e-newsletters in five of six languages.
  • Held four telecom meetings of the DUP International Board of Directors, and seven meetings of the administrative committee.
  • Partially funded and held one in-body meeting of the Guidance Council in conjunction with the Jamiat Khas gathering.
  • Made the Dances of Universal Peace International Facebook Group consistent in design with the website and developed posts to the group.
  • Added a column to display mobile phone numbers where provided, in the My Info section of the website, and made plans for invoicing fees by mobile phone.

Goals and Activities for 2018

DUP International Board of Directors adopted the following goals for 2018:

  • celebrate in June 2018 the 50th anniversary of the first Dances
  • work with Global Ecovillage Network to seed the Dances in new parts of the world
  • foster the best possible communication with dance leaders and mentors who are no longer active, and learn from their feedback
  • increase the number of dance write-ups in more of the languages supported by DUP International. This is continuing slowly.
  • continue to expand the resources available to support the transmission of the dances in languages other than English. Discussions are continuing about provision in French.
  • Set up conversations facilitated by BOD and staff members at camps and retreats giving information and receiving feedback on our activities, priorities and plans. This is ongoing.
  • continue to review how we can best communicate across our dance leader family. We have made greater use of Facebook, but further use of social media could be developed with appropriate skills and resources.
  • anticipate and apply technological developments for the benefit of our community. We will be investigating whether it is feasible to use automated translation in parts of the website.
  • develop a more in-depth understanding of the context and profile of dance-leading in each part of the world, to build on our multi-national strengths. We have developed a better understanding of the growth of the dances in Bosnia.
  • update the photo gallery on the website. Ongoing.
  • continue to collect leaders’ mobile phone numbers. Ongoing.



Dances of Universal Peace International

2018 Budget