DUP Beyond

Taking the Dances Beyond -- where they have never been before

‘Beyond’ -  what is this?


The Beyond Initiative supports "next generation" Dance Mentors taking the Dances and Walks to new areas in the Middle East,

Africa and Asia-Pacific, seeding the dances with younger generations in those regions and at the same time training local leaders.

A pilot project of Dances of Universal Peace International (DUP IN), the Beyond Initiative is being realized through a partnership

with the Global Ecovillage Network, a growing network of regenerative communities and initiatives that bridge cultures,

countries, and continents. As part of the Beyond Initiative, newly trained dance leaders from these global ecovillages are being

sponsored to attend established events in the West where they receive further training and more Dance community experience.

The young Mentors who are traveling to these non-Western cultures are taking with them caravans of DUP dancers of all ages

who want to be part of the adventure!

Last year 50 dancers from 16 countries traveled to Turkey, Israel and Palestine. Our message of Universality and Embodied

Spirituality was embraced and welcome. Some of the local participants that received intensive dance leader training

on the caravan and were funded to attend events in Russia, Colombia and the UK are now leading regular events in Turkey,

Israel, and Iran.

Join In!

What a wonderful explosion of new, fresh energy to mark the 50th Anniversary of the dances!

Please join this Adventure by exploring the possible ways you can participate. Register for a caravan!

Help to bring a non-Western, emerging leader to a dance or Sufi event in the West!  Sponsor such a leader yourself,

or initiate a group sponsorship in your home circle!  Send a donation! Include us in the plans you make for your estate!

Please be in touch with us.  This is such an exciting time for the Dances and our Sufi lineage.

Much love,

Darvesha, President of DUP International




How is this possible?

Initial donations from Hal Hilal Brill and Amira Judy Jones fostered the money for a ticket

to Brazil in 2017 to begin the dialogue with our partner, the Global Ecovillage Network.

The major impetus for this project came when we received a generous bequest from


Rosina Horeth.         


This bequest enabled the DUP IN Board to commission a full-scale pilot project.


Arjun Calero

is a Senior Dance Mentor,  Sufi teacher and Director of the

Atlantida Ecovillage in Colombia.

He is a Board member of Dances of Universal Peace International,

and is also the DUP IN contact with Global Ecovillage Network.





Collaboration with Global Ecovillage Network:

Global Ecovillage Network (GEN) operates worldwide through 5 regions: North America,

Latin America, Europe, Africa, and Asia/Oceania. Its mission is to innovate, catalyze,

educate and advocate in global partnership with ecovillages and all those dedicated to

the shift to a regenerative world. GEN and DUP IN are working to develop areas

of mutual interest.

In addition we have received a three year grant from Oneness Project:

https://onenessproject.com/, and

various sponsorships from camps and trainings worldwide.


How the caravans participate:

The caravans visit new areas for at least three consecutive years in order to ensure that

what is planted continues to grow.  The model for seeding the dances is not to focus

on established Western dance leaders continuously traveling to that country, but

to cultivate local dance leaders who can carry on the tradition themselves. 

This means

  • we are creating events (camps, dance leader trainings) in new countries
  • we are bringing emergent dance leaders to dance and Sufi events in

Western countries

  • we are fostering links between emergent dance leaders in these new territories

with dance communities in Western countries.





The first ‘caravan’ in 2018 has resulted in new dance circles in Turkey, Israel, and  Iran. 


There were 2 dance camps with Leadership Training and another 20 dance events all around

in Turkey, Palestine and Israel.  50 experienced dancers from 16 countries came to

support the process.  



We are planning a dance leader training in Turkey, as well as events in Israel and other

Middle Eastern countries; initial contacts are developing further east in Asia for dance camps

and trainings in future years.

Caravan 2: Dates for the fall/autumn 2019 caravan include:

  • Tunisia August 14-24: presenting DUP at a mystic festival and then a weekend workshop 
  • Israel August 25-31: DUP camp with Aliela from Russia 
  • Turkey: dance leader training September 11 to 14
  • Turkey: camp and Caravan September 14 to 24 with Dakini and Yelena.

If you would like to register for one of these events, please email dupmiddleeast@gmail.com

with your registration.


The details for registration are here:


Registration form:



Your support

There are several ways you can support the Caravan:

  • You can join the caravan for any or several of the events listed above:

contact dupmiddleeast@gmail.org – but please do so soon, as places are limited.

  • you or your local dance circle can sponsor a participant to come to your event:

just imagine the benefits and joy for your circle (or camp) - and for them - of

spending time together with an emerging dance leader from a different country

and culture within our dance family. This could be the start of a long-term relationship

with a circle half way around the word.

  • You might like to develop a ‘pen pal’ contact with a dance leader in the Caravan.
  • Please join our crowd-funding for the Beyond initiative:
    you can make your donation here:


Please be sure to earmark your donation for the Beyond initiative.

  • You may also like to follow in Rosina’s footsteps and consider a legacy

to DUP International. You can find details here.                                                                                                                                



For any queries about the Caravan contact Juan at dupmiddleeast@gmail.com.


For queries about the project and for donations please contact

Aziz Dixon: director@dancesofuniversalpeace.org.